Member Service

Our PRO 1 Global VIP membership service is we are giving back VIP members points for every purchase and can redeem VIP presents, cash coupons, and others with member points. And the best benefit is VIP members get special discounted prices for a specific brand. If you want to apply for PRO 1 Global VIP membership, you will get it by simply purchasing 500,000 Kyats per day by completing the required information at the Service Counter.

How to Redeem PRO 1 Global Member Card

Receive a PRO 1 Global Member Card for every 500,000 Kyats spent on Purchasing at the service counter. (Not calculate member point for 1st time Purchased)

Not include Structure Products and Project sales.

In Case of Member Card being damaged or loosen

Member can request new card at Customer Services Counter with 3,000 Kyats fees and balance points will be automatically transfer to The new card.

Member Card Privilege

Free on-site visit, design lay-out and product consulting services for COTTO And KENZAI Tiles. (Kindly check and schedule your convenient date and time In advance at our branch service counters.)

Enjoy special discounts from Famous brands

Free refreshment soft drinks, coffee & snacks providing for members.

Get update news and special promotions for members only.

How to Redeem PRO 1 Global Member Card Reward

Redemption are available at every PRO 1 Global Home Center Customer Service Counters

Collect points to redeem for special rewards and cash coupons.

Receive 1 point for every 5,000 Kyats purchased amount from PRO 1 Global Home Center within one day. (Not including Structure Products and Projects Sales.)

Redeem the Exclusive PRO 1 Global T-Shirt for every 50 points.

Redeem Cash Coupon 10,000 Kyats for every 300 points at PRO 1 Global Home Center.

The Cash Coupons will active within one month. When using coupons, points are not able to collect in the PRO 1 Global Member Program.


How to Redeem PRO 1 Global Member Card Reward

Terms and Conditions

Show PRO 1 Global Member Card by identifying member card number or your NRC card number at the cashier before doing payment to receive member allowances.

Total points received of purchased items from PRO 1 Global Member card discount allowance items shall be deducted in total points

Member points cannot transfer to other people account.

Total Member points shall be automatically accumulated whenever purchased.

Redemption and reward programs apply for Cash Payment in purchased amounts.

Clearance Products and Promotion Products cannot use member card discount add on.

To be able to charge our PRO 1 Global Home Center policy anytime without giving any information in advance.

PRO 1 Global Member Card and Point Expiration

Member points will be expire in one year by counting from member point getting date. (PRO 1 Global Home Center will not inform in advance

PRO 1 Global member can check member point balance at Customer Service Counter.

Expired points will be automatically deleted.

Member Card points receives shall be expired if PRO 1 Global Member Card is no longer validity.